“The Architect is a profession of adventure, of frontiers, in balance between art and science. On the edge between invention and memory, hung between the braveness of modernity and the prudence of the tradition. The architect lives necessarily in a dangerous way." (R. Piano)

After many years in international context, we developed the capability to support the client in the different aspects of the architectonic design. From small to big scale, from concept to the tender phase, it is possible for us to offer several solutions.

The more suitable solution will take particular care to the final impact on the surrounding environment.


“If it's true that a structural shape corresponds to its own technical and architectonic reality only if it represents a resolution factor of the static problem. It's clear that to reach that, it is crucial to understand in which ways shape can give results as to the best utilization of material.” (S. Musmeci)

The new technolgies and a good background allow us to challenge the modern structure in fast and efficient way. Using a BIM plattform and modern softwares it is possible to follow the iterative processes requested during the architectonic design. The last iteration will lead to the most efficient solution not only in term of weight but also in term of durability and feasibility.


“The truth is, a bridge or an highway interfere with a city using elements having a scale that is different than the tipical traditional city buildings. The scale of these elements is the same as the elements that cross the suburb environment like the bend in a river or a chain of hills.” (T. Giura Longo)

The connection between two points it is not only a street, but it is also a way to show on the ground the needs of the urban development.

A bridge is the projection of these needs over an obstacle.

Our mission is to add value to the urban context.

About Us

  • 2014

    New D.E.C. Head Quarter

    The activity was moved to Zürich (CH)

  • 2013

    Member of AIK

    Associate to the Architekt und Ingenieur Kammer Austria N°23647 M.R.B.

  • 2013

    Member of SCE

    Associate to Saudi Council of Engineer KSA N°149960

  • 2012

    D.E.C. is founded

    The company started as freelance activity, based in Feldkirch and developed the firsts project in Austria.

  • 2011

    Freelance activity

    First external collaborations as outsourcing for different engineering offices

  • 2009

    Member of IEA

    Ten years in the Italian Engineering Association District of Lecce - n° 1952


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